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Fuses Keep Blowing

Fuses Keep Blowing? You My Need An Electrical Service Panel Upgrade

We’ve all blown fuses before. Whether it was when you were using the hairdryer to dry your hair before heading off to work or just trying to dry some clean clothes at the end of a long day, you’ve experienced the inconvenience that blowing a fuse can cause.
You have dimming and flickering lights, electronics that won’t work and you have to trek down to the basement to replace the fuses in your fusebox.

Even worse, some of us have been stuck in the unfortunate situation of blowing fuses continuously. When fuses keep blowing, it can be hard to do anything at all. If you can’t just plug in your air conditioner or turn on your printer without blowing a fuse, it becomes very difficult to keep your cool. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to use the appliances in your home whenever you want to,.

Luckily, an electrical service panel upgrade is a surefire way to stop your fuses from blowing and to make your life a little bit easier again. In order to understand why upgrading to an electrical service panel is the best way to keep your fuses from blowing, though, it helps to understand what makes them fail in the first place.

Why do fuses keep blowing in my house?

It may be surprising to hear, but when your lights start dimming and flickering or turn off completely, your fuses are doing exactly what they were designed to do.

Essentially, they are built in such a way that allows them to carry a certain amount of electric current through them without malfunctioning. In order to prevent fires or other accidents that can be caused by electrical shortages, fuses are designed to blow in order to stop the current from flowing. If you are having trouble with flickering lights every time you turn on a high-intensity appliance, it is because the current being sent through the fuse is too high or running for too long. Because fuses are relatively fragile (and purposefully designed to be that way), fuses will often blow when they get old.

What if I’ve replaced the fuse and it blows again?

Even if you’ve recently replaced your old, worn-out fuses with new ones, there are many events that can cause them to blow. If you’ve recently had a central AC system installed in your home or added a large appliance to your kitchen or bathroom, your fuses will most likely blow. Unfortunately, many fuses are not equipped to handle the power of current electronics. In turn, appliances like washing machines, jacuzzis, high-end coffee makers and even power tools with short-circuit your fuses and leave you without access to the tools you need.

For this reason, many homeowners are upgrading their fuseboxes to newer and more durable electrical service panels.

What are the benefits of an electric service panel upgrade?

If you’re a victim of fuses that keep blowing, it is probably already apparent why upgrading your service panel is beneficial. However, many homeowners are overwhelmed by the sheer thought of investing in a new service panel. If you’re skeptical of how just how beneficial upgrading your electric panel can be, here are a few things you’ll want to know.

1.Upgrading your electric panel will make your life much more convenient

Because so many of us rely on high-powered appliances to keep us cool, cook our food and tackle numerous tasks that we can’t do on our own, replacing your old fusebox with an upgrade electric panel will make your life infinitely better. Unlike your old, raggedy fusebox, your new one will be able to handle the power that you depend on it to.

Additionally, many homes with older electric panels were built during a time when people didn’t use as many electronics. Thus, these homes often don’t have the amount of outlets necessary to power your computer and the other things you use everyday. In turn, you may depend on power-strips to use your electronics and old, burnt-out fuseboxes will probably not respond kindly to the strong currents that power-strips generate.

2.Electric service panel upgrades are easier than you think

Many people are overwhelmed by the idea that upgrading their electric panel will take a lot of time and work. However, electricians like ours are trained to make your electric service panel upgrade quick and easy.

If your wires are in good shape (which they most likely are), the electrician will not even have to enter the wall to upgrade your electrical panel. The process of replacing your electric system will be as easy as removing the old one from its position and adding the new one.

Upgrading your electrical panel on your own is HIGHLY DISCOURAGED, as it can be a very dangerous task, but the right electricians can tackle the job without a problem.

3.An upgraded electrical panel will increase the value of your home

A lot of homeowners don’t realize that an old electrical system reduces the potential value of their home. Because those who are looking to purchase a home don’t want to move into a house that can’t handle the power of their electronics, an upgraded electric service panel can be a major selling point on the retail market.

If you’re considering selling your home or just want to maintain the house’s value, you’ll want to make sure that your electrical system is newly upgraded. This can give you a leg up on other, similar homes in your area.

4.If the safety of your family matters to you, you’ll want to upgrade your electric panel

The most important reason to upgrade your service panel is that a deteriorated one can leave you and your family at risk. If your fuses keep blowing, after all, this means that your appliances are sending currents through your home that the system can’t handle. While fuses can be replaced for a while, this can eventually lead to sparks and fires.

If your electrical panel is constantly being flooded with strong currents, it is extremely important that you consider upgrading it. After all, If you are continuously experiencing blackouts, flickering or dimming lights and appliances shutting down, you are at risk of fires, electrocution and other accidents. With a simple visit from an electrician, however, you’ll have the opportunity to greatly improve your safety and quality of life.