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Lighting Maintenance

Commercial Lighting Maintenance

Lighting maintenance for a commercial property is more than just replacing burnt-out bulb. Can Do Electric Services, Inc. pays attention to the bigger picture and takes a look at your needs for proper lighting maintenance, energy conservation, and energy cost reduction. And of course, our family-owned business is always sensitive to your budgetary constraints.

We were built on the principle of fair pricing because our owners were just tired of seeing people get gouged for these critical and necessary services. Choose Can Do Electric for the most simple, to the most demanding lighting projects.

Save Money with Commercial Lighting upgrades and maintenance

Do you have outdated lights that need replacement or maintenance? Our Electricians can correct issues so you are able to reap the benefits of more cost effective, reliable, and better lighting in and around your property. We have the equipment and experience to complete projects on the interior, as well as on the exterior of your building. Benefits of our work, especially when you upgrade or improve your lighting, include:

  • Decreased Electricity Bills
  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Qualification Tax Deductions or Rebates
  • Increased Property Value
  • Prevention of On-the-Job Injuries
  • Lowered Environmental Impact
  • Improved facility visibility

Why Choose Our Company?

As a family-owned business, we operate on the principles of integrity and honesty. We are honest with our clients in both project scope and cost. Can Do Electric Services, Inc. never overcharges for services, nor do we make promises we can’t keep. In fact, we started our business because we were tired of seeing business owners and homeowners overpay for electrical work. From large office parks to small retail locations, we serve them all!

In addition to honest pricing, we’re clear about the scope of work upfront to eliminate project confusion later on. If there’s a reason for scope or change order, you’ll know it in advance. And if you want to know what work we are performing and why, a courteous team member will take the time to explain everything to you without hesitation.

We take the mystery out of lighting maintenance.

Service Contracts from Can Do Electric Services Inc.

One of our unique service offerings is that we make available to our customers unique maintenance contracts specifically tailored towards customer’s needs. Every business has unique needs, so one size fits all contracting isn’t always the best approach.

Can Do Electric Services is pleased to offer fair maintenance contract pricing. We stay proactive about lighting maintenance for your commercial property. If you have an emergency, you always have a team of dedicated professionals that know your facility and are able to respond quickly. We encourage businesses of all types and sizes to contact us to discuss the many benefits of implementing a lighting maintenance contract. This is a proactive approach that will absolutely reduce your lighting maintenance cost over time.

Emergency Response to Lighting Issues

It is our privilege to offer emergency response, including emergency power restoration [link to emergency power restoration page]. When called to your site, we properly promptly diagnose the issue, make the repair, and follow through with a complete (free) lighting maintenance evaluation. We can alert you to any potential issues or safety risks associated with lighting infrastructure such as poles and other lighting supports.

Get commercial lighting maintenance for your business from our trustworthy, reliable team. Contact us today to get started!