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Security Access Control

We Offer Security Access Control Solutions for Your Business

Do you need to add more security on your premises? Can Do Electric services can install and support integrated Security Access Control Systems. Let’s say you need to keep un-authorized persons or others from a particular office or areas on your premises. For example you may want to restrict access to server rooms, record rooms, or maybe parking garages. The list is long. But these systems can provide personnel tracking and restricted area access auditing to dramatically improve your facilities security posture. Some of the components of these systems include door card readers, magnetic locks, scanners, proximity cards, specialized door controllers, and advanced security software.

Benefits of Security Access Control

You can now monitor and gain complete control of who’s coming and going in your business or properties. You can restrict anyone, including tenants, visitors, and employees access to any area on your premises. In addition, you can provide an audit trail of access on anyone that access these areas. These systems can eliminate the headache behind issuing and managing keys. In addition, keys can be lost, duplicated, or mismanaged. And having to change or re-key locks can be costly every time an employee, tenant, or vendor leaves your organization.

  • Protect sensitive information and valuables
  • Restrict access to certain areas
  • Remote security access control administration
  • Integrate with video security cameras to trigger video when someone accesses an area
  • Provide an electronic access audit trail for employees, contractors, and others

Installation of Commercial Video Security Cameras

All businesses could benefit from video security cameras. Not only does this protect your customers, it also protects your employees when questionable situations arise. Having cameras decreases employee theft, creates a safer workplace, and can even decrease frivolous lawsuits.

Maintenance for Security Access Control systems

Because they rely on electricity, your access readers will eventually malfunction at some point. Call Can Do Electric Services when you need to service your Access Control System. Our technicians will diagnose your problem and correct it.

Contact us today if you need security access control for your office or building. We can help make your facilities, offices and buildings safer.