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Lighting maintenance

Industrial Lighting Maintenance

Keep your lights on and your security measures in place with regular lighting maintenance. Can Do Electric Services, Inc. is an electrical contractor focused on quality work at fair prices. Our team is licensed and insured to complete maintenance work according to industry codes and standards. We also offer maintenance contracts for businesses that cannot ever have the lights go out. Contact us today to learn more!

Save Money on Your Utility Bills with Updated Lighting

According to statistics provided by the US Government, electricity makes up 40% of the charges on the average business electrical bill. A key component of proper lighting maintenance is updating your lighting to energy efficient bulbs. In addition, we can recommend and install systems which operate on sensors, so you save power when no one is in certain areas of the building. Sensors can automatically place your machines, equipment, and air conditioners on standby during downtime. Save thousands of dollars a year on your utility bill with new industrial lighting systems, lighting maintenance, and replacement.

Industrial Lighting Maintenance Contracts Available

Reduce lighting operational cost by adding an industrial lighting maintenance contract to your buildings maintenance. We offer competitively priced regularly scheduled maintenance services. This includes coverage for both interior and exterior of your building. We have bucket trucks and lifts to reach the highest lights in your building and parking lot. A lighting maintenance contract can provide many benefits including these:

  • Energy cost savings from proactive maintenance strategy
  • Reduces your Building’s Environmental Impact
  • Improved facility appearance and Increased Property Value
  • Qualifying Your Business for Tax Reduction or Rebates

Why Choose Our Company?

Can Do Electric Services, Inc. is a family-owned business that started in 2004. We were tired of seeing homeowners overpay for electrical contracting services so we started our own company. Our prices are always fair, and our quality of work is high. Trust us to never add-on fees or overcharge. If you ever have questions about your bill, or the services you received, tell us and we’ll be glad to assist you with getting the right answers.

Contact us today if you need industrial lighting maintenance from a trusted Louisville, KY electrical contractor. We are pleased to offer quality, safe, and competitively priced services in Louisville KY and surrounding areas year round.