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Need an electrical contractor for your home? Can Do Electric Services, Inc. is an electrical contracting company that’s family-owned and operated. We perform all residential electrical jobs, from minor maintenance and service runs to complete home wiring. We also work with other contractors if you are building an addition, or fully embarking on a completely new construction project.

We run our organization with a focus on quality work at fair prices. Trust us to be honest with prices at all times. We were tired of seeing homeowners get overcharged, so we started our own business to insure that that never happens when you choose us!

Pay Attention to Issues in Your Home

We urge you to pay attention to your circuit breakers in your home. If it keeps tripping, there is a strong chance you are overloading the circuit and risking a fire. Be aware that when you add lighting or a fan to a circuit, this can potentially create an overloading issue. It is better to have an electrician come through and install a ceiling fan, pendant lighting, new light switches, and switch sensors. Here’s a list of some of the work that we do:

We also repair the following most common residential electrical problems

  • Flickering lights
  • Faulty Circuit Breaker Operation or Trips
  • Warm Receptacles (When an Appliance is Plugged in and Running)
  • Help Reduce Your High Electrical Bills
  • GFCI Receptacles that Won’t Reset or Operate Properly
  • Too Many Plugs or Too Many Power Bars
  • Need to Add More Electrical Outlets
  • Replace Blown Fuses
  • Exposed Wires or Hanging Wires
  • Too Many Extension Cords
  • Plugs that Fall Out of Outlets
  • Broken, Loose or Worn Outlets
  • Burnt Odor Coming from Switch or Receptacle

Residential Electrical troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Be extremely careful when working on do-it-yourself projects that involve electricity. If not properly trained, you could risk serious injury or even death. We can troubleshoot your home’s electrical systems to determine root cause, and make the necessary repairs. Count on Can Do Electric to perform the correct and safest methods of electrical diagnostics to keep you and your family safe.

Upgrade Your Home to More Advanced Outlets and Switches

With energy-saving upgrades, you can save on your electric bill and make your home more functional for your family. We can add USB ports to your outlets or even add smart outlets. As for switches, we can make your switches motion activated, add dimmer switches, and add whatever features you wish. Let us know what you are looking for and we will make it happen. Our electricians can install, and even redesign your lighting systems as needed.

Why Hire our Electricians?

First and foremost we are honest, flexible, and simply easier to work with. Can Do Electric Services will never forget that while we are performing an important service for you, we are also guests in your home. And as such, we will treat you and your home with the utmost respect and care. Every member of our team is qualified, courteous, and professional.

It is always our goal to make sure that you are a satisfied customer that fully understands the services we are providing, along with your bill. If you have questions or need a better understanding of something, we encourage you to ask questions. Trust us to be:

  • Courteous At All Times
  • Trained and Prepared to Correct All Electrical Issues
  • Properly Equipped for Your project
  • Fairly Priced with No Surprise Fees or Add-Ons
  • Accurate in Our Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

A Company Built On the Principle of Fair Pricing

As we mentioned, our owners started the business because we were simply too tired of seeing homeowners overpay for electrical services. We never add on extra fees or tell you that you need to pay for something when it’s not a necessary service. People are people, so we never forget that you simply need electricity to function. Our team won’t leave you high and dry because of cost.

Contact us today if you are in need of a residential electrician for your home. We can be your go-to electrician for all of your service needs.

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