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Lighting Design & Upgrades

Residential Lighting Design and Upgrades

Make your house more of a home with new and improved lighting upgrades. By using different and diverse lighting types and techniques, you can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home. The right design and lighting not only makes your home better for your family, it makes it safer and more energy efficient. Can Do Electric Services, Inc. is an electrical contracting company located in Louisville, Kentucky. We also serve surrounding areas, and accommodate commercial and industrial clients as well.

Residential Lighting Design: Ambient, Task, and Accent

In the world of residential lighting design, there are three types of lighting to consider to enhance the look and feel of your home. Ambient light provides the overall illumination to your room. Ambient lighting includes ceiling mounted fixtures, recessed fixtures, wall scones, or soffit and valance lighting. Task lighting is targeted to one part of the room. You’ve most likely seen this as under cabinet lighting in a kitchen or under a desk cabinet.

Accent lighting draws attention to a particular area or object in a room, like artwork or a bookshelf. Bring us your lighting design ideas and we’ll help you achieve the effect you’re looking for!

Residential Lighting Upgrades for Energy Efficiency

Lighting represents a significant portion of your utility bill. Don’t just look at your bill and give in! You can change your energy consumption by turning out the lights more often but also by investing in energy efficient lighting. Upgrading your entire home decreases energy consumption, in some cases by up to 40%. (We also offer the same service to business and commercial property owners).

Why Choose Can Do Electric Services, Inc.?

Better Lighting Systems for Less Money!

More than anything, Can Do Electric Services, Inc. is a family-owned business that strongly adheres to the principles of integrity and honesty. David Sampson Jr. began the company in 2004, and his brother Cortez joined the business in 2017. David started the company because of a gap he saw in the electrical contracting space.

All too often homeowners found themselves unable to pay for electrical services, even in cases of safety concerns. One of David’s goals then and now, is to always provide quality electrical service work to both consumers and commercial customers at a competitive price. These humble ideals and guiding principles are still reminiscent today, and that will never change. So why us!

  • Courteous Services
  • Honest and Safe Work
  • Us to Bring the Right Tools for the Job
  • Attention to Standards and Codes
  • No Add On or Unexpected Fees
  • Long-Lasting Work Product

We are committed to providing value at competitive prices. Give us a call today!

Let us help you upgrade the lighting in your home. Contact us today if you are ready to make this important investment in your home!