Upgrade Service Panel to add circuits

Upgrade Service Panel to add circuits

Upgrading Electric Service Panels to Add More Outlets

Adding more outlets to your home? You’ll probably want to consider replacing or upgrading your electric service panel

Many homeowners don’t have enough outlets in their home. We have power strips plugged into the wall behind our computer desks and entertainment centers, which give us the opportunity to run the plethora of electronics that we all rely on. A single power strip might have a television, a Blueray player, an Apple TV, a speaker system and a phone charger plugged into it all at once, simply due to the fact that the wall only has one outlet installed in it. We strongly advise you to upgrade service panel to add circuits.

What many homeowners don’t realize, however, is that a lack of outlets can be a sign of an outdated electrical system. Because many homes were built during a time when people had less electronics and appliances in their houses, these buildings weren’t equipped to power all of the products we utilize today. This means that the outlets aren’t the only thing lacking in the home’s electrical system, but that the electrical panel is also out of date.

Upgrading your electric service panel will not only enable you to add more outlets, but can be a safe and financially smart decision. Here are a few reasons why:

Outdated Electric Panels Will Give Your Home More Power

Because older homes had less of a need for power, the electric panels were designed to supply only 60 amps of power to the building. Still, those that were upgraded during the past twenty years were built to provide 100 amps of power. Today’s electronics, however, require much more power to run items like large televisions, computers and A/C units. If a weak electrical system fails, your fuses can blow and potentially damage your expensive electronics. Upgrading your electric panel will give you the ability to run 200 amps to the outlets in your home and run your appliances safely and securely.

Adding More Outlets Will Free You From Power Strips

Honestly, it is not good to rely on power strips and extension cords to run your electronics. Particularly when your electric panel and wires are outdated, power strips can be potentially hazardous. Because power strips generate too strong of a current through your home’s electrical system, old fuses can blow and weak wires can fail. In turn, you can potentially cause fires, get electrocuted or ruin your appliances. Adding more outlets will give you the ability to distribute the current to separate outlets and operate your electronics in a safer manner.

More Outlets (and an Upgrade Electric Panel) Will Add Value To Your Home

In reality, no homeowner on the market is looking to buy a home with an old electric panel and too few outlets in each room. Today’s families depend on large amounts of electronics and household appliances to get through their day. If you are looking to sell your house now or in the future, you’ll want to make sure that you upgrade your electric panel and have an ample number of power outlets in each room. Upgrading your electric panel from 60-100 amps to 200 amps will not only increase your home’s safety, but also its value.